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Ha-ha, no. You haven't been somehow transported into a live-action reenactment of Dune, actually we are talking about the latest and greatest herbal smoking alternative known as "Legal Spice" or Herbal Spice Incense". And looking to Buy Spice Herbal Blends in the real world is much easier than it ever was in the sci-fi classic—all you have to do is turn on your computer, hit the internet for one of the online spice herbal shops, and BAM! You've got herbal spice in your mailbox three days later.

Well, okay, it's not quite that easy, you've got to be 18 to legally buy spice, and you'll have to give them your credit card number (of course), but at least there will not be gigantic worms involved. Some people thinking about buying spice will venture out to a local head shop or smoke shop where they think there will be some spice herbal for sale. Take it from us that this is not a good idea. It has some similarities to the eaten-by-worms scenario, in that the shop owner will probably leer at you with his toothy grin while you're in the store.

You: "Hello, yes, I'd like to buy spice herbal products please."

Him: (in a growling undertone that reminds you of Chewbacca slightly) "We don't have any any spice incense or anything else. Don't touch anything."

You see, there are some disadvantages to the instant gratification of the spice herbal store. Then there's the shop assistant, the guy who would give Goliath a run for the tallest-and-dumbest award, who will probably follow you around everywhere in the spice herbal shop until you leave. Not necessarily the formula for a good experience the first time you try to buy herbal spice.

No, for that reason we recommend to all our customers that want to buy spice herbal incense products to try online. You could start with the online spice herbal shop associated with this website, although there are plenty of places online where you can find spice herbal for sale. Should you choose to try one of the other spice herbal shops be sure to check their references.

And then, like Bob Marley sang, it's time to "get together and feeeel alright." It's just too bad that legal spice wasn't around when Bob was alive, or he might not've had to shoot the sheriff. After all, when something is as freely available as spice incense, and anyone who wants to can buy herbal spice, there's no need to fear the authorities.

In fact, it's so easy to buy spice at these online spice herbal stores that you have to wonder: what would Bob have had to sing about? Sure, there was always Jamaica and politics at the heart of their lyrics, but through it all was an infusion of cannabis smoke that lent an air of danger to their songs. Take away the danger, and the question becomes: would he still be a hero?

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